August’s Shakespeare-Themed Reading Challenge: What Bill Taught Me

Priscilla Bettis, Author

I participated in the “All the World’s a Page” Shakespeare-themed reading challenge and learned four writing concepts I can apply to my own stories.

BAND OF BROTHERS. Read a book with multiple points of view or an ensemble cast.
I read The Faulkes Chronicles by David Huddle. I learned that a plural first person narrator works if you treat the collective “we” as a real character with a backstory and goals and obstacles. A “we” character in one of my stories would probably be a school of piranhas with genetically enhanced ESP abilities, but I digress.

THE FOOL WITH ALL THE WISDOM. Take a chance on a book you’re unsure about.
I read The Weight of Their Souls , a sword-and-sorcery novella by Deby Fredericks. By delving into a genre I was unsure about, I learned that the disguise a character chooses to wear is a clever way for the…

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