The Little Foxes in Sour Cream


If you want to see most of the burning issues of today expressed in a play written in 1939, you can go no further than The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman, acclaimed as the classic American drama. You have the rights of women, or, rather, lack of rights thereof, the plight of the so-called emancipated former slaves, the struggle of the exploited workers and the avarice of the wealthy capitalist bosses, even the environmental protection, and all of that in the sultry American South of the 1900’s. The title of the play is taken from Shir haShirim (The Song of Songs, widely known as The Song of Solomon), 2:15: “Seize for us foxes, the little foxes, that spoil our vineyard, for our vineyard has just become to blossom.”

Regina, the main character, is born into a wealthy family, yet, when her brothers manage to parlay their inheritance…

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#Excerpt Justice for Belle #psycological #thriller #NextChapterPub

Didi Oviatt -Author


“I met Lorraine a few years after that writing conference I told you about. I decided to date her because she looked just like you and I was fascinated by that. I fell in love with her unexpectedly, and now here we are.” He pauses, “Any other questions?”

“Wow,” I’m stunned to near speechlessness. “You’re not one for small talk are you?”


“Honestly, I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out. And yes, there are more questions, but now I’m kind of afraid to ask.”

“Are you ready for my proposition, then?” he asks.

“Probably not.” I answer.

“Good, because I don’t think I’m ready to give it to you, in full, just yet anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

Mac picks up his phone from the table to check the time, before rubbing at his wrist like he’s used to having a watch instead. Then, he…

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Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet Lynda McKinney Lambert and a review

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to welcome artist and poet, Lynda McKinney Lambert, to Treasuring Poetry with her thoughts about poems and poetry,

Which of your own poems is your favorite?

I chose a poem on page 127 of my latest publication, Songs for the Pilgrimage, DLD Books, 2021. “Talisman,” is located in Part IV: Landmarks and Landscapes.

“Talisman” (This is a free-form poem)


Lynda McKinney Lambert

(written April 30, 2016)

Visualize a talisman-

precious stones and crystals

woven in bold patterns

plenty of Japanese glass seed beads

tiny drops of perfect symmetry.

I select flawless beads

stab them onto steel needles

hundreds of stitches.

thrust them one at a time

upwards into the heavens


I plunge my thin needle

deep through layers of stiff cloth

make my stitches sure

hold tight.

I’m a warrior woman

thumping my spirit-drum

made of dappled starlight.

I measure timeless days

counting beads…

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Historian of Horror: In Memoriam July – September, 2021

In Memoriam, July through September 2021

This stretch of 2021 does not seem to have been as fatal for horror creators as 2020 or the earlier quarters of this year. That’s a good thing. 


Philece Sampler (July 16, 1953 – July 1, 2021) American film, television, and voice actress. She voiced roles in the 2020 horror video game Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, as well as others, and in numerous animated and anime productions beginning in 1977. 

Desmond Davis (24 May 1926 – 3 July 2021) British camera operator, The Crawling Eye (1958), The Giant Behemoth (1959), Scream of Fear (1961), and director, Clash of the Titans (1981).

Raffaella Carrà (18 June 1943 – 5 July 2021) Italian singer (A far l’amore comincia tu), and actress in several genre-peripheral peplum (sword and sandal) pictures in the 1960s, including Atlas in the…

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Welcome to Day 7 of #AGhostAndHisGold Blog Tour! @RobertaEaton17 @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org

Annette Rochelle Aben

GIVEAWAYS:  (4) e-book copies of A GHOST AND HIS GOLD 

A Ghost and His Gold


What is a poltergeist?

The word poltergeist is derived from the German for “loud ghost” or “noisy spirit”. A poltergeist is a type of spirit or ghost that can create physical disturbances in the real world such as making loud noises and moving objects or even destroying them. It is also believe in ghostlore, that poltergeists can pinch, bit, hit, and trip people, as well as being able to levitate objects and move them around.

The film, The Exorcist, is based on the ‘real-life’ haunting of a 13-year-old boy referred to as ‘Roland Doe’ in 1940. After the death of his aunt, Doe began to experience strange occurrences whereby his mattress would move, a mysterious liquid dripped from the walls of his bedroom, and scratching noises came from beneath the floor.

His parents…

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Mushroom Yuzu Pasta

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy National Mushroom day! 

Did you know, today 10/15 is the day to appreciate mushrooms and enjoy them! 

While being familiar with the canned one, I’ve never seen fresh white or cremini mushroom until I came to the US. Until then, I loved eating shiitake mushroom or shimeji mushroom, and I was taught that I have to be very careful when cooking them because some of them are poisonous and even if they are edible, they must be fully cooked to be eaten safely.

Can you guess how I was surprised to see American people put raw mushroom in their salad? Now I get used to eating raw mushrooms, but I still prefer grilled one because the flavor boosts up to full.  

Today’s recipe is my favorite way to enjoy mushrooms. 

Get a glass of wine or seltzer water now, your food is ready in just a moment! 

<Today’s Recipe>

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Long, Hot Summer…

France & Vincent


After a long, long, hot summer,

The mornings have finally turned autumnal.

Which must mean,

That Mister Fox,

Cannot be very far away…


Saturday October 16th

Night of the Hunters Moon

Wortley Mens Club



And should you need to bone-up on

What, precisely, is involved here…

Some reading matter

In the form of four rather fantastic graphic novels

may help…




All available to buy on Amazon…


Get there!

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Book Club Mom’s Author Update: News from JP McLean

Book Club Mom

Author name: JP McLean

Book to feature: Blood Mark

News to share: I’m pleased to share the news that Blood Mark, the first in a brand-new paranormal thriller series, will be released on October 19, 2021.

What if your lifelong curse is the only thing keeping you alive? Abandoned at birth, life has always been a battle for Jane Walker. She and her best friend, Sadie, spent years fighting to survive Vancouver’s cutthroat underbelly. That would have been tough enough without Jane’s mysterious afflictions: an intricate pattern of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body and vivid, heart-wrenching nightmares that feel so real she wakes up screaming.

After she meets the first man who isn’t repulsed by her birthmarks, Jane thinks she might finally have a chance at happiness. Her belief seems confirmed as the birthmarks she’s spent her life so ashamed of magically begin to disappear. Yet, the…

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Welcome to Day 4 of #AGhostAndHisGold Blog Tour! @RobertaEaton17 @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org

Stories By Karen

For those who don’t know her, I am delighted to introduce Roberta Eaton Cheadle and her latest novel, A GHOST AND HIS GOLD. Roberta combines history with fiction and weaves a story that is educational as well as entertaining. Leave a comment below for a chance to win one of four copies of this historical fiction.

A Ghost and His Gold

The gun used by the Boers during the Second Anglo Boer War

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

Mauser Model 93/95

Prior to the Second Anglo Boer War, Imperial Germany supplied the two Boer Republics with tens of thousands of modern Mauser rifles. The most common of these was the Mauser Model 93/95 chambered for the 7x57mm cartridge.

This is how Tactical Life Magazine describes the Mauser Model 93/95:

“Paul Mauser’s first smokeless-powder, bolt-action, charger-loaded, magazine-fed rifle featured a tubular receiver that held a one-piece both with dual front-locking lugs. The bolt was drilled out…

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#SixSentenceStory; Video


The living history museum, with its docents in period costume and its primitive houses and technologies, left the family in a reflective mood.

“It’s hard to believe people lived like that Dad, I mean, it doesn’t seem like very much fun. And think about the health conditions!”

“That’s the way it was back then. We did keep some of their sustainable technologies, but much had to go if our species was to survive.”

They rode their bikes back to their modern community with its cool tree lined streets, its composting toilets and organic kitchen gardens, grateful to not have the debilitating video games and other electronics that had made living in the 21st century such a challenge.

The word from Denise, honorable host of Six Sentence Stories, is “video”. Use the word within six sentences, no more, no less. Write, read, comment, repeat.

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Anne Golden Reviews Shelter for the Damned in Monstrum #4

Mike Thorn

“Shelter for the Damned is reminiscent of Stephen King in its acute examination of the mysterious pull of place and atmosphere. The descriptions of the shelter are beautiful and evoke a sense of dread I associate with King’s depiction of the Marsten House, the eerie mansion in ‘Salem’s Lot. As King’s work often does, Thorn’s novel also echoes H.P. Lovecraft’s sense of destabilizing ‘outer’ forces (most explicitly when a decidedly Lovecraftian tentacular monster assails Mark in his bedroom). The book takes these elements of Weird fiction and angles them towards the metaphysical.”

Download Monstrum #4 to read the full review.

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Raising Bookworms – The importance of teachers

Writing to be Read

The schools in South Africa are racing towards the end of a year fraught with lockdowns, illness and death. My sons have been on-line for long periods twice this year and many of the students have suffered the losses of friends, parents, grandparents, and other important people in their lives. Seeing how happy my sons are to be back at school and watching them forge ahead with their school work as their teachers valiantly try to reteach material and principles that were taught on-line and which the boys have failed to grasp properly, makes me feel more appreciative of their teachers than ever.

Gregory finishes school today. It is his last day of a 14-year journey and it is all rather emotional for the boys and teaches. His preliminary examinations went very well and he achieved an average of 92% for all 7 of this subjects including AP maths. This…

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The Jawbone of an Asshole

Joseph D. Newcomer

If you are confused and unsure who to trust, I hope this will be helpful. The easy answer is no one. And that may be entirely true, but you still have to make decisions based on the available information. In politics, as is in the rest of life, you can only really trust a person of reasonably sound mind to do the thing that they feel is going to save their own ass or to allow them to be successful in whatever it is that they do.

Imagine a car salesman who works at a economy brand and price dealership. Imagine he tells you about how the economy brand car he is trying to sell you is the best make and model on the road. So, you buy the car. The next day, you pull up next to him at a red light. He’s driving a car that is not…

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The southbound road

France & Vincent

derbyshire ani 001

It seems a little odd posting about my last sojourn in the north when I am back there again for the monthly meeting of the core group of the School. The time in between has been non-stop busy and I still didn’t get done everything I wanted to do before I left, so to be back amongst the hills where I can breathe and smile for the sheer joy of being alive heaven. If I had to describe my version of some traditional heaven it would look like this. Rolling hills and wild moorland meeting the sky. It wouldn’t matter what the season… as long as it cycled through their beauties. The crystalline wonder of a winter morning when the rising sun gilds the snow; the eager light of spring kissing the earth to waking; soft autumn mists and copper landscapes… but when the heather paints the hills that, to…

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