Authors and Heroes, Resting

The Sanguine Woods

Headstone marks the grave of author William Fryer Harvey best known for is stories of the supernatural and macabre, including “August Heat” and “The Beast with Five Fingers”. The latter story inspired a 1946 film, the success of which brought the late Harvey’s work back into popularity. (Photo: Wikipedia)


Poor health pretty much ruined the medical career of author William Fryer (W. F.) Harvey (1885–1937); but it also gave him the opportunity to become the writer of some of the most inventive horror stories of all time.

Born into a very wealthy Quaker family in Yorkshire, Harvey attended Balliol College at Oxford University, then received his medical degree from Leeds University. His frail condition sent him on a worldwide cruise and, on a stopover of several months in Australia, he began to write his first fiction pieces. A devotee of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Harvey’s fiction is…

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A Ghost and his Gold – Roberta Eaton Cheadle -Book Tour – Day 3

Jessica Bakkers

I am lucky enough to bring to you, not only a new paranormal history book from Roberta Eaton Cheadle, but also a description of one of the historically accurate meals enjoyed by the folks in “A Ghost and his Gold”…something that sounds delicious, even if I can’t pronounce it! Enjoy and celebrate the tour with Roberta, and check out details below for a great give away offer!!

A Ghost and His Gold Give Away

Each stop on this five-day book blog tour will offer the opportunity to win a $10 Amazon gift voucher. (*Winners must be able to retrieve Amazon US gift vouchers.) Author Roberta  Eaton Cheadle will also give away 2 paperback copies of A Ghost and His Gold. All you have to do to enter is drop by each tour stop and leave a comment!

The origins of potjiekos and a recipe:

The Dutch hutspot came into existence…

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A life well lived…

Stuart France

Excerpts from the funeral service held at Watermead Crematorium, Aylesbury…



Sue Vincent, 14th September 1958 – 29th March 2021

‘We prepare to receive one whose life has been well lived…’


Procession entry music: ‘Vincent’ Don Maclean…


The best of times, the worst of times…

Sue was born in Yorkshire in 1958, into a family that was about as spiritually eclectic as you can get. The various members were Jewish / Buddhist / Methodist (with High Church for special occasions), with one grandfather who taught her very early about the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the other a Spiritualist minister, and one grandmother a noted psychic, like her mother before her. She attended the Zion Baptist Sunday School with Hindu and Moslem friends…

A better culture for one who was destined to serve as a  Priestess of the Western Magical Tradition could hardly be imagined…


Sue’s first…

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Welcome to Day 9 of #RRBC’S ’20 WC&BE SPONSORS BLOG TOUR! @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA @Nonnie Jules

Robbie's inspiration

Tour banner for RRBC ’20 WC&BE Sponsors Tour

Welcome to day nine ofRRBC’S 2020 WC&BE SPONSORS BLOG TOUR! Each year, the wonderful members of the club donate to this event to ensure that we are able to offer our $100 Amazon Gift Card Gift Basket raffle and we want to show them just how much we appreciate their kindness and generosity.


Leave a comment below to ensure that you have a chance at winning a$20 Amazon Gift Card!

Welcome Nonnie Jules with her book OPEN, SHUT… A Short Story

Promotional image for Open, Shut … A Short Story by Nonnie Jules

A snippet

Here’s a snippet of the CONCLUSION at the end of OPEN, SHUT…

Sometimes it really is hard to believe in things that we can’t see, hear, or touch. But, let me ask you … when you have nothing else to hold onto, what else is…

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#Tuesday Runes – Nauthiz

Writing and Music

Welcome to another segment of the study of The Elder Futhark Runes!

Today’s Runic Symbol is Nauthiz (Now-theez).

The keywords associated with this rune are: Need, necessity, scarcity, absence, restriction and have patience.

Nauthiz signifies hardship in the form of one’s needs not being met. This could indicate poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of good health or lack of emotional support.

The rune stave represents the “need-fire” ritual fire lit from two large beams of wood that ancient Northern Europeans would light in times of extreme hardship or disaster, such as a famine or outbreak of fatal disease.

When this rune shows up in a reading, it can indicate that you may be experiencing a hardship that limits your ability to move forward or live comfortably, or a strong desire that appears impossible to fulfill. It could be that the possibilities are restricted due to your lack of resources and you…

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Magical Whispers by Balroop Singh – A Book Review

The Showers of Blessings

April is National Poetry Month. It is my pleasure to review Magical Whispers by Balroop Singh, a talented fellow poet.

Magical Whispers: Poetry by [Balroop Singh]


I wait for whispers; they regale my muse. Whispers that can be heard by our heart, whispers that ride on the breeze to dispel darkness and ignite hope. I’m sure you would hear them through these poems if you read slowly.
‘Magical Whispers’ would transport you to an island of serenity; beseech you to tread softly on the velvety carpet of nature to feel the ethereal beauty around you. The jigsaw of life would melt and merge as you dive into the warmth of words.

In this book, my poems focus on the whispers of Mother Nature, whispers that are subtle but speak louder than words and breathe a quiet message.
Each day reminds us
It’s the symphony of surroundings
That whispers life into us.

My Review

Magical Whispers…

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Tina Lost in a Crowd by Miriam Hurdle: On Book Tour, April 20, 2021

The Showers of Blessings

My dear friends and visitors, this week is the Book Release Tour of my debut children’s book Tina Lost in a Crowd. The daily book tour links are live here, please click the links to visit them. I’m thankful and excited to have many dear friends who enthusiastically support me and host the tour.

As promised, I’ll share with you the making of Tina Lost in a Crowd. Please come back to this post to check the links below.

Comments on this post are closed. I’ll see you at the the hosts’ blogs.

Amazon US

Amazon UK (for eBook, go to Amazon US)

Barns and Noble

Tour Dates and Hosts

Please visit them to cheer on. I love to have your support and see you there.

Monday, April 19, 2021 – Robbie Cheadle, Robbie’s Inspiration

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 – Pete Springer, Pete Springer Author


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Bardic Study: The Cutter

France & Vincent

Echo and the Bunnymen – 1983


Who’s on the seventh floor, brewing alternatives?

What’s in the bottom drawer, waiting for things to give?


A ‘riddle song’ of double speak containing six questions.

The first two questions that start the song are not supposed to be answered.

(although we probably can answer them)

The last four questions that end the song are rhetorical or, at least, answer themselves.


John Robert Parker Ravenscroft O.B.E aka John Peel, worked on the seventh floor of BBC Broadcasting House.

Given that he was renowned for championing obscure and offbeat rock groups, he might perhaps be regarded as ‘brewing alternatives’?


I have a memory of listening to John Peel on a Saturday evening.

Ian Mc Culloch, the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen, would often phone John up from a phone-box, with a report of the Liverpool F.C. football match.


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Book Tour – Tina Lost in a Crowd by Miriam Hurdle

Robbie's inspiration

Blog tour banner featuring a picture of Miriam Hurdle and the cover of Tina Lost in a Crowd. The book is on promotion on Amazon until 25 April 2021. ebook $1.99 and Paperback $6.95

Hi Robbie, it’s wonderful to be on your lovely blog. I’m thankful for your generosity to host my Book Release Tour and allow me to share my process from pen to publication with your readers.

The Making of Tina Lost in a Crowd, Part 1

When Did I Write Tina Lost in a Crowd?

In 2006, I took an online writing course at the Institute of Children’s Literature for a year. An instructor corresponded with me to provide feedback and suggestions on my assignments and revisions. The Institute also provided the marketing tools and an annual catalogue of 800 magazines accepting submissions. The goal of the course was to have my essays published.


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Moors, music and mysteries

France & Vincent

Diana and co north 003

It was our last day in the north and the sun was shining. Stuart and I had breakfast in the park before collecting our friend, then the three of us set off to enjoy the morning, starting with the beauty of the high places we love. Not very far… just a few minutes’ drive… and you are out of the city. The moors wrap themselves around the road, putting the small lives of man into perspective. We drove past Barbrook, where a week before the rain and wind had pelted us in horizontal fury. But today the lady beside me had sunshine and we turned towards Curbar Edge.

Diana and co north 014It is a short walk to the edge of the moors, from here the wide valleys, walled fields and small villages are wreathed in hills and stone. From here the distance turns blue and mists the horizon. From here all you see…

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