Rare Photos Of London. 1900-1910


Before the outbreak of the First World War, uncredited photographers were recording daily life in Central London. I found some rare photos of places that no longer exist. The streets are still there, but the buildings have changed completely. Some were destroyed by bombing in WW2, others demolished later for the building of modern office blocks.

Women working at spinning wheels in the City of London, 1908.

A nursery for working mothers. Deptford, South London. 1909.

A chimney sweep photographed with his family. City of London, 1900.

Cloth Fair. A street in the City of London, 1908.

A shop with the owners living above. Central London, 1910.

A stationery company. Smithfield, London, 1908. They also sold tobacco products, and a shop in the alleyway sold meats.

An upholstery business. Smithfield, London, 1909.

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Cherish the Little Tasks

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kmqcvsqgh0kglp/cherish%20the%20little%20tasks.mp3?dl=0


Cherish the Little Tasks

Cherish the little tasks which make a home:
The windows one must open or must close
And curtain part, or then let curtain fall
So what goes on within none other knows
And furniture escapes becoming dim
Shading the sun upon it fiery glows

Bless every single surface, every week
From which you with soft brush of feathers must
Loving more than routine attention pay
Removing its patina of new dust
The which good Fates, in beneficent mood
Have given into your maintaining trust

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Prime Greed


New today that at least seven Conservative politicians in the current government are claiming the cost of their Amazon Prime subscription on expenses.

One of those is Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary and candidate to lead the Conservative Party and become the next Prime Minister. (No pun intended)

Her salary as a Cabinet Minister is £147,000 a year. ($175,000) Yet she has no shame in expecting the taxpayers of Britain to pay for her £79 annual Amazon Prime subscription.

More pigs at the trough, showing their contempt for ordinary people.

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Smorgasbord Bookshelf – New Book on the Shelves – #Occult #Ghosts The Haunting of Chatham Hollow by Mae Clair and Staci Troilo

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to share the news of the latest release from Mae Clair and Staci TroiloThe Haunting of Chatham Hollow

About the book

One founding father.
One deathbed curse.
A town haunted for generations.

Ward Chatham, founder of Chatham Hollow, is infamous for two things—hidden treasure and a curse upon anyone bold enough to seek it. Since his passing in 1793, no one has discovered his riches, though his legend has only grown stronger.

In 1888, charlatan Benedict Fletcher holds a séance to determine the location of Chatham’s fortune. It’s all a hoax so he can search for the gold, but he doesn’t count on two things—Victor Rowe, a true spiritualist who sees through his ruse, and Chatham’s ghost wreaking havoc on the town.

More than a century later, the citizens of the Hollow gather for the annual Founder’s Day celebration. A paranormal research team intends to film a…

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Troubador of Verse

(For quite the while now this poet has been pointing out that if the human race doesn’t “get it” on the last five percent of its planet’s free resources, it isn’t going to “get it” at all.

She’s about ready to start saying it isn’t going to get it.At all.

Still, it was a beautiful planet, and worth a noble try.)


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/35nk06dj6eh4exs/fail.mp3?dl=0



I have been here working
My planet and my brethren for
Seeing their potential
Seeing through that open door

With, shining bright beyond it,
True human community ~
Which now I have to say
I find unlikelier to be

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Quotation: Available Only to Us ~ phys.org

Troubador of Verse

(How do we expect to recognize, or to communicate successfully with, extraterrestrial civilizations when we won’t even try to communicate with our alien beings right here at home?)


“We have underestimated the intelligence of bees and other “lower” species for far too long; it is time to pay attention. Chittka shows us that bees have the key ingredients of a mind: they have a representation of space, they can learn by observation, and they display simple tool use. Bees have demonstrated a flexible memory, with ideas of what they want to achieve, an ability to explore suitable solutions to get it, and an awareness of the possible outcomes of their own actions.

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Tao Pow

Troubador of Verse


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Tao Pow

In times our dim confusion of
We scan the heavens up above
And ask advice of those we love,
Then to the sacred teachings go
In hope serenity to know
From out doubt’s murky undertow

And if we scramble long enough
Although the going may be tough
We find ourselves out of the rough
And thence onto smoother terrain
Relieved some of our inner pain
And learning how to smile again

When in despair of everything
Did I one day my troubles bring
To consult the Tao de Ching,
‘Twas good that day it I preferred
And to my inner voice deferred
For from it comfort I inferred

“Perfection seems imperfect” be
The message that it had for me —
If you some imperfections see,
Such may not rightly be mine own
Results unable to be known
But motivation may I own


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You Just Know

Troubador of Verse

(The learning curve in this arena moves from sensitivity to empathy, from empathy to intuition, and from intuition to seeing clearly, rather than “through a glass darkly.”

It is much less a process of taking on wisdom than of offloading the obfuscating impurities of self-interest)


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6cb8xjmt9h5ipi/you%20just%20know.mp3?dl=0


You Just Know

This question do I hear you ask:

“How is it that we may know
As intuitionally grow
It is progressing forward we
Increase in sensitivity
Instead of in increasing error go?”

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what you think you even got

Troubador of Verse

(Just another lovely day in low-rent room paradise)


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sr34p8nmwmw3zkz/what%20you%20think%20you%20even%20got.mp3?dl=0


what you think you even got

longtime hardcore room renting
owners of this increasingly
strange house haven’t realized that after

steaming envelopes open and
then pasting ‘em back smooth they still dry
lumpy later

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Halloween Tales

Stitched Smile Publications

Happy Friday. What’s everyone reading?

Halloween books are already being released, which means fun Halloween reading has already begun. Author Nicholas Gray has just released his short collection Nicholas Gray’s Halloween Tales.

grayshalloweentalesHalloween is a holiday of fright, a time to dress up and go house to house for candy, a time for fun. But what happens when you don’t follow the rules?
Nicholas Gray presents five Halloween tales to get you in the spirit and cover your arms in goosebumps.
Three friends are in for a trick-or-treat surprise. A surly boy goes trick-or-treating to the wrong house. A grumpy old man gets a special Halloween visitor. A man goes shopping for a Halloween mask. And some bored teenagers go on a vandalism spree.
Includes the stories:
Plastic Fangs
The Hearse
The Perfect Mask
Smashing Pumpkins

This fun and gruesome little collection is full of tales of Halloween…

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Ancient Egyptian Formula for the Dismissal of Negative Thought

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8j70bl4gdgzu4hy/ancient%20egyptian%20formula.mp3?dl=0


Ancient Egyptian Formula for the Dismissal of Negative Thought

When we sometimes find ourselves
Disaster imagining
In ways which serve, not to prevent,
But to disaster bring
Rather than analysis
Of each pertinent thing,
Becomes a negative refrain
In absent mindedness we sing

Then is the time to put a stop
Those processes of thought unto
Satisfied with the location
Information brought us to
Allows us, for the benefit
Of All, the whole to view —
Then other processes begin
Which each are necessary, too

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Do not mourn me in the morning light,

As rain drizzles through hanging trees,

as fog crushes rays that take flight.

Do not mourn me for I am free,

I am now the wind that caresses’ the leaf,

The howl, which whispers in your ear,

I am the cloud that circles the earth,

The drizzle that feeds the land.

Do not mourn me, when you look upon dark and stormy seas

I’m not within it,

Instead I am beyond.

I’m the island man seeks while alive,

the sun you strive for after thundering storms.

Do not mourn me,

I am at peace,

I rest at the feet of the onesI’vemissed,

I am home.

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