Chilling Chat: Interview with Naching T. Kassa

Naching T. Kassa Interview  with R. L. Merrill

Greetings and Salutations, Horror Addicts. I am honored to have been given the task of interviewing the illustrious Naching T. Kassa this week. Naching wears many hats beyond wife, mother, and horror writer. She’s created short stories, novellas, poems, and co-created three children. She lives in Eastern Washington State with Dan Kassa, her husband, and biggest supporter. Naching is a member of the Horror Writers Association, Head of Publishing and Interviewer for, and an assistant and staff writer for Still Water Bay at Crystal Lake Publishing.

I challenged Naching to face the World’s Most Dangerous Interview, 2021 Edition, and here were the results:

RLM : Name a childhood fear and tell us whether or not it still scares you.

NTK: As a child, I was terrified of flying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They used to swoop over my bed with…

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The Great Wotiff

The Literate Lurcher

The Great Wotiff is a monster from hell. It has long, tenacious tentacles, and if it gets its claws into you, you can end up totally paralysed.

It doesn’t start off like this. When your parents first instal it in you, it’s just there to protect you. The trouble begins when you overfeed it with imagination. For example:

  • You’re thinking of going on holiday to Spain, but WOTIFF the plane crashes? Better stay home.
  •  You’re thinking of getting a dog, but WOTIFF it gets ill and dies? You’ll be heartbroken! Better not get a dog.
  • You’re thinking of starting a relationship with Prince Charming, but WOTIFF he turns out to be a psycho? Charmers often do! Better pie that one right now.

Once the Wotiff has got all its claws into you, you end up just sitting in a chair doing nothing. Because WOTIFF you trip and break your neck?…

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Dark Origins – London Bridge is Falling Down

Writing to be Read

Picture credit:

I grew up playing a children’s game to the tune and lyrics of London Bridge is Falling Down. The game I played was similar to the actions for Oranges and Lemons which involves two players holding hands and making an arch with their arms for a single file line of players to walk under. At the end of the song the arch is lowered to ‘catch’ a player.

There are two dark hypothesis for the origins of this nursery rhyme.

The first hypothesis is that the rhyme relates to the supposed destruction of London Bridge in 1014 by the Olaf II Haraldsson, later known as Saint Olaf, who was the King of Norway from 1015 to 1028.

This supposition is derived from the translation of the Norse saga, the Heimskringla, by Samuel Laing in 1844 which includes a verse which is reminiscent of the common version of…

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Autumn With An Author : Robbie Cheadle

Valentina Expressions

I would like to introduce a multi-talented Author Robbie Cheadle from South Africa. She often writes with her son and participates to anthologies. Her talents show up in various expressions of life, I will let her telling the rest.

Books by Roberta Cheadle

  1. Words have power. When did you realize you could use the power of words in your own book to tell people your opinion, feelings, ideas or fantasy?

I have always been a keen reader. I started reading at the fairly young age of four years old and have never stopped. I always had a leaning towards books that were dark and realistic in their messaging, for example, at ten I read The Stand by Stephen King, about a pandemic that runs rampant and leaves only a handful of surviving humans of varying natures, demographics, and backgrounds.

To answer your question, because of my reading I think an…

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“Where Spirits Linger” Book Blog Tour

The Showers of Blessings

The 2021 WordCrafterParanormal Anthology, Where Spirits Linger, was released today – September 20, 2021!

Where Spirits LingerAuthorswith Kaye Lynne Booth, editor

“I hope you will stay with us and follow thetour to each blog stop to learn more about the stories within to picque your interest. Of course, I hope you buy the book, but each comment you make along the way earns an entry into a random drawing for a free digital copy of Where Spirits Linger, so you could be our next lucky winner!” – Kayne Lynne Booth

I’m excited to host the tour on Day 2 featuring Roberta Eaton Cheadle’s piece “Listen to Instructions.”

I’ll let Roberta tell you about the process she went through to write her story. Here’s Roberta:

~ ~ ~

The Location of “Listen to Instructions”

This year the WordCrafter short story challenge required a story…

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My Grandmother’s Recipes: Part 8, Quinoa Pomegranate Salad.


This post takes us to the last two of the four holidays:Sukkot (Sukkos) andSimchat Torah(Simhas Torah). It also concludes my story with the celebration ofSimhas Torahin Moscow Synagogue.

Part 8

Part 8 cont 1.jpg

Part 8 cont 2

Part 8 fin

*20.Leader of All Peoples– one of the multitude of epithets Stalin constructed to refer to himself.

*21.The Big Brother of All Workers– see *20.

*22.Expert of All Languages– see #20.

*23.Machno– Ukrainian anarchist and popular peasant leader of “the Greens,” known for anti-Semitic atrocities.

*24.It was 1935, and 1937 was on its way– the most active years

of Stalin’s purges.

*25.Sher– traditional Jewish dance, from Hebrewshir(song).

During this holiday we are commanded to rejoice, and we do, as you have seen in this funky video. With the first of mySukkos recipes, I wish you, Beautiful People, a joyful holiday…

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Roberta Writes : Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto 4

Dantes Divine Comedy (Hardcover): Dante Alighieri

My blogging friendRebecca Buddis currently participating in a #KaramazovReadalong, you can read about it here:

The reading group are reading one chapter a day of this book and it inspired me to tackle Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri in the same manner.

For me, Canto 4 was a sad section of this book. Dante wakes to a loud noise that sounds like thunder. He is rested, after a deep sleep, and finds himself on the opposite bank of the River Acheron and at the top of a mountain that overlooks a cloudy valley. Terrible cries come from the valley and Dante is wary when a deathly pale Virgil asks him to follow him down the mountain. Virgil explains that he feels pity and not fear.

The two poets enter the first circle of Hell – Limbo. This is the part of Hell were pagans who were…

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Womb of earth…

France & Vincent

Avebury SE weekend 307

We drove down to the next layby and for once, I booted up, knowing that there was a goodly walk ahead of us through the wet landscape. In front of us, Silbury Hill rose from its bed where once a mirrored lake had held its reflection. From here the sheer scale of the man-made mound begins to become apparent, yet it is not until you stand at its feet that you really appreciate the size of the hill. But we were not going there, not yet. The Mountain of the Sun could wait… our path would first lead us beneath the earth.

Avebury SE weekend 298

Once through the gate that separates the fields from the road and there is another shift. With each site, we go deeper; further from constraining time and closer to another mode of being … a purity of purpose, perhaps, that guided the hands of the makers and the…

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Kyrian Lyndon

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”―Louisa May Alcott

Image byDim HoufromPixabay

We hear a lot these days about your “happy place” and “living your best life.”

Your best life may be nonstop traveling or vacationing in a tropical paradise. Many are content going through the years with their extended, continually growing family, enjoying all the milestones and get-togethers. For some, it’s tending to their garden or going on a cruise, maybe taking photographs of nature. It may simply be achieving your professional goals, especially a long, fulfilling career helping others.

Ten years ago, when both of my parents were ill at the same time, I had panic attacks—even in my chiropractor’s tranquil office while listening to her soothing music. She was a gentle soul with an ethereal beauty about her, and she told me, “Don’t think about…

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The Sanctuary, Avebury…

France & Vincent

The Sanctuary, with Silbury Hill and West Kennet in the distance The Sanctuary, with Silbury Hill and West Kennet in the distance

The directions we gave to the other half of our party were simple. Follow the road until a line of barrows appear on the horizon. It is that simple. Once you leave Marlborough you are already within the atmosphere of Avebury somehow, but the barrows on the ridge seem to mark a crossing point into another time, another place…an Otherworld where tourists walk as ghosts upon a landscape older than memory.

Avebury SE weekend 255 Distance has as little meaning as time here… looking over to West Kennet

Yet here, in this field atop Overton Hill, there is little left of what once stood through millennia. The wood is long gone, the stones removed, their purpose forgotten. John Aubrey first recorded the site in 1648 and stated that the local people called it The Sanctuary then. Only concrete posts mark the pattern that…

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Treasuring Poetry – Meet poet and author Harmony Kent and my review

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to feature poet and author Harmony Kent as my guest for Treasuring Poetry. I have read one of Harmony’s fictional books and her non-fiction book, Creative Solutions for the Modern Writer: Inspirational Tools to Fire Your Imagination, and they are both excellent. I have read and reviewed her poetry book, Slices of Soul: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry.

Welcome Harmony!

Which of your own poems is your favourite?


Into the unknown we go

riding the ocean breeze

tacking this way and that

not too concerned with the far horizon

At peace, keeping an eye on the waves

that toss us about now and then

sailing through bright day

and deep dark night

It matters not

what tempest may come

we will weather the storms together

while we wend our way

We’ve lain our course

taken our soundings

and with love at the helm

we’ll keep…

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Welcome to Day 6 of the “WHILE THE BOMBS FELL” Blog Tour! @bakeandwrite @4WillsPub #RRBC

Award winning writer of fantasy and children’s stories, Wendy Scott, hosted me for Day 6 of my While the Bombs Fell book tour. She has a lovely site and a wonderful selection of books. This post is about the difference between life in a small English town during WWII and life now.


While the Bombs Fell ​

Life in a small English town during WWII compared to 2020
While the Bombs Fell focuses on my mother’s life during WWII from 1941, the year she turned three, until 1945, the year she turned seven.
Life for a small girl growing up in the small English town of Bungay during WWII was markedly different from life today. For the purposes of this article, I have focused on the home, food and school to highlight the many differences.

My mother was born in a small, double storied cottage, in a row of…

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Welcome to Day 6 of Breakfield and Burkey’s “SHORT STORIES” Blog Tour! @EnigmaSeries @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org #RRBC #4WillsPub


(7) ebook copies of“HOT CHOCOLATE”

Please leave the authors a comment anywhere along the tour for your chance to win one of these awesome prizes.

Nowhere but Up

Mathias, Dutch, and Halvorson market their cryptocurrency programs in economically challenged countries in The Enigma Source. Desperate governments try to avoid the horrific outcomes of their economic free fall. Mathias and the team discover robust competition in their bid to gain favor with leadership in Venezuela. Mathias, a polished huckster, decides there is only one way to fight another day—survive.

Our characters rise to the challenges. Technologist and Blockchain programmer Dr. Halvorson uses the programs he created to orchestrate an escape from the Venezuelan Police. Mathias’s favorite helicopter transport becomes a third-world mini-van with a top speed of 35 kilometers an hour, but that is only downhill. Their plans of wealth and power are now on life support, but Mathias…

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Gypsy Mob : Episode 10 / Homecoming

How long she walked, she could not tell. Cradling what was left of her arm, she staggered onward, the blood seeping from her stump slowly turning the rags of her remaining clothing red. The stars shone brightly overhead, twinkling with apathy at her plight. At one point the sky lit up as fragments of disintegrating spacecraft streaked overhead. She did not notice but continued onward, her subconscious mind directing her. 

When she finally beheld the lights of the mansion in which she had lived all her life, she stopped, swaying, gazing stupidly at it, her mind struggling to comprehend what she was seeing. Gradually, it dawned on her that it was home. She had made it. She was safe. 

Willing her limbs to continue moving, she fixed her eyes on the lights surrounding the porch and the walkway leading up to the front door. They did not seem to grow…

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Robbie Cheadle Reads Her Poetry from Behind Closed Doors a collection of unusual poems. 

charles french words reading and writing

Please view Robbie Cheadle reading her poem “Do you want it enough” from her book of poetry Behind Closed Doors a collection of unusual poems

I give Robbie Cheadle’s book of poetry Behind Closed Doors a collection of unusual poems my highest recommendation. Robbie Cheadle is an excellent writer of both fiction and poetry, and her work continues to be of the highest quality.

In this collection of poems, Robbie Cheadle deals with a wide variety of issues and uses a variety of forms of poetry, among them Tanka, limericks, and haiku, and she does this with great passion and control of her art. The poetry in her book is powerful, compelling, and evocative.

Several of the poems resonated with me in particular, including “Opportunity”, “Hope”, “Making a splash”, “Perspective”, “Lockdown in poverty”, and “I saw a fish a-swimming”.

Choosing these poems to highlight was difficult, because Robbie’s work…

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