Another world…

France & Vincent

sheff 1656

As I crested the hill this morning that rises behind my friend’s home to take me through Derbyshire to my home in the south, I was greeted by splendour. The valley below was a sea of gilded mists while the sun lit my path into what looked like another world.

sheff 1663

It seemed a fitting start to the last miles of a weekend that has been simply incredible for the beauty seen and shared. I have never seen Albion as beautiful as she has been this year. The heather covers the moors with vibrant purple.. more glorious  even than I can remember seeing it before. The bracken is lush, primitive, scenting the air with its sharp aroma. Ancient lichens spatter rocks that sparkle with quartz in the sunlight and hills appear and disappear in magical mists.

sheff 1108

Birds have been everywhere… flocks of ravens, robins and skylarks, chaffinches and peacocks, grouse and…

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