#Blogtour – A Fear of Heights by Tallis Steelyard

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The Cake Fairy

Now I don’t want you to think that Maljie is without her gentlemen admirers. Whilst there are some who might remember her and wake up screaming and have to take a glass of something medicinal to help them recover their composure, they aren’t the majority. Many remember her warmly.

Also it should be remembered that whilst I use the term ‘gentlemen admirers’, a fair proportion would struggle to lay convincing claim to the term gentleman. There are keeps deep in Uttermost Partann where some brooding warlord would look at his daughter and say, “Why can you not be more like Maljie.” To be fair to the girl, he can hardly then cavil when she cashes him in for the reward money.

But even those who remember Maljie with affection seem to feel the need to somehow stay in her good books. As we sit drinking cider together…

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