Musings on Poetry and the Art of Collaboration

Carina Bissett

After a some time away from poetry while working on a novel-length book, my return to the genre came with a new appreciation of the form. I start my mornings with poetry. If I’m not writing poems, I’m reading them. One of my goals last year was to work on a poetry collection featuring fairy tales and myth. And I’m pleased that I’ve made progress on that front. Several of my new pieces found homes, and poems I’ve been working on for years finally took form. In the end, I published five poems in 2021, and I have two more forthcoming.

Most recently, my collaborative poem “Ars Poisana” was published in Enchanted Conversation. I co-wrote this piece with Andrea Blythe several years ago. (Check out Blythe’s award-winning chapbook Twelve, a short series of linked poems based on the fairy tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” You’ll be glad…

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