This newly revised and updated edition ofMedicinal Plants of East Africa(originally self-published) remains the only photographically illustrated guide to the most important healing plants of the region. The book describes 136 plant species in everyday use in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Brief descriptions of each species cover that plant’s appearance, ecology and specific medicinal uses. To aid identification, more than 600 colour photographs have been included. Also included are recipes for remedies to treat a wide range of ailments. An easy-to-understand summary of the science behind the treatments concludes each section.

Supplementary features:

•Introduction to the medicinal virtues and active ingredients of plants

•Common methods of preparing medicines from plant materials

•Summary of ailments and the plants prescribed to treat them

•Glossaries of medical and botanical terminology and extensive reference lists.

Around 900 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still depend entirely on traditional herbal remedies. Medicinal Plants…

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Quotation: Causing Controversy ~

Troubador of Verse

(Causing controversy? Causing controversy? There isn’t a healthy controversy on this subject already?

How many other things are wrong with this picture?

Since when do whole cities~ in America, anyway, worry about “causingcontroversy”?

When did our libraries stop being bastions of free speech and broadly entertained public opinion?

What is happening in our land of free speech?)


“City of Keller orders Keller Public Library to remove post about Banned Books Week

A spokesperson says council members worried the post looked like the city was causing controversy after recent book debates in Keller ISD.”

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Sonnet: God is Love

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Reading:


God is Love

In ancient pre-Islamic Persian text
Their devil shares his name with ours, forsooth
And, like our own, “Shaitan” sat, early, next
A God of good self governance and truth

And took, as well, a tumble from that hight
Assigned administration of a realm
Catering to the darkest human fright:
A universe without Good at its helm

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Posterity Figures it Out

Troubador of Verse

“You may have today ~ tomorrow belongs to me!” ~ Tesla, shortly before his death


Recorded Reading:


Posterity Figures it Out

From Hemingway to Tesla
From Dinshah to our day
Circumstance mysterious
Seems to get in the constant way

Of certain souls which history
Enjoys itself of sing
But when unto their lives we
Close examination bring

We find at every turn they met
Barriers unfath’mable
By which, they must have been convinced,
A common life cannot be full

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Outside the Garret Door

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Reading:


Outside the Garret Door

Ah, look! The quintessential image
We’ve all seen before
Yet have not found a way to change
No matter how should it abhor

(Because we really, truly don’t
Object to it so very much
In fact, we tend to see in it
Misshapen justice’ touch)

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New Roomie

Troubador of Verse

(Companion to today’s former post “Taking Up Your Slack,” and written about the same household.

Young Jeremiah Rosado finally filled the fourth empty bedroom for which he’d been trying to cadge money from the rest of us.

That roommate’s words to the poet in less than one month appear verbatim below)


Recorded Reading:


New Roomie

He said:
This place is total trash.

I said what he was too polite to say:
Total white trash, that’s right

He said:
I can’t even stay till the end of the month
I find other places to be
There hasn’t been one day
Without drama since I’ve been here
This place is toxic
I’ve been working extra
To get on up out of here

He said:
You should too

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uncomfortable with silence

Troubador of Verse

(We ask ourselves how it is that we keep falling back into gossipping behaviors specifically forbidden in our Biblical text.

This is how)


Recorded Reading:

uncomfortable with silence

hello, my name is…
my name tag says so

and yours is…
yes, your name tag says so

i have a function
that’s on the tag too

so do you
i do see it on your tag

we’re supposed to talk now


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Loved and Loved

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Reading:


Loved and Loved

When I scan the remembrance of this life,
Find many blessings and, again, much strife —
A goodly effort mine own part upon
To be contributive or to be gone

Balanced by such inconvenience
As no one but a poet ever was
To those sufficiently misfortunate
To allow such a creature close to be
Or, even less fortunately, are born
Relationship with it ever to mourn

My good intentions bringing bad result
As oft as do good — some by mine own fault
Or otherwise, shortcoming blamelessly
Brought such about, to the despair of me

And what if my behaviors ever were
Intended but to happiness confer
Upon any action’s recipient?
What if always to good this heart’s been bent?

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Carolus De Mari – Acquavive Princeps

Valentina Expressions

Door of the City Hall – Acquaviva delle Fonti, Puglia (Italy)

A few years ago I led a group of Americans traveling to Puglia, Italy with me. I took them off the beaten tourist path for a surprising glimpse in the Italian living style of the locals.

“Driving through the countryside of Bari in early afternoon is such a pleasant activity. Nobody is on the two-lanes provincial road, we don’t have to wait for the herd of sheep to complete their outing, and neither we have to stay behind a car waiting to make a move until the incoming traffic on the other side has passed, as we would in a different time of the day. The road is all ours and “Mimmo Lovely” (tour manager) wants to amuse us while driving. He can make music using only his lips, I mean he can be the musical instrument himself, or…

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Pro-Age Flamenco + AIDS + Iran + Books + Pod: M. Alfieri on Story

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Titling over photo of Flamenco dancers Elisabeth Fruth and Alina Coman Coman-Rodriguez.
Flamenco is fierce at any age: Elisabeth Fruth, left, with Alina Coman Coman-Rodriguez. Photo: Justine Grover, owner of Naranjita Flamenco school.

Click H-E-R-E for my new podcast page at AnchorFM. This week’s episode is “Discovery + Connection in Stories by Maria Alfieri.”

At the Happiness Between Tails podcast page,you’ll also find links to subscribe, hear, and share it via most any platform, fromSpotify andApple Podcasts,toGoogle Podcastsand Pocket Casts,along withRadioPublicand Castbox andStitcherand more, plus anRSS feed. The full list of 50+ places is at LinkTree.

Fiction writing, from short stories to novels, is woefully underrated. When people ask me about my writing, I ask if they like reading. Eyes bright, they answer that of course they do. Argh, then they list their fave non-fiction titles. Any discussion of fiction elicits sighs about their…

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Essig Fleish and the Meaning of Life


Of all Rosh Hashana foods, this is the most significant, at least in my family tradition. It is only made once a year, and it requires plenty of time and patience. The name, derived from German, actually means “vinegared meat”, but there is no vinegar involved. It is rather sweet, especially in my grandmother’s interpretation, but there is also a sour note, provided by lemon juice or sour salt. Therefore, another name for it is Zis Und Zovar Fleish (Sweet and Sour Meat). Although there are many Essig Fleish recipes, I have not seen one like ours anywhere. I have tasted something very similar on two separate occasions, both times in Sephardic restaurants, and both of them had the same two out of three elements of my recipe present, and one missing. Oh, and both were made of lamb, rather than beef, which is what my grandmother had claimed it…

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Alberta in Color~

Fall is falling in ethereal Alberta.

The Larch Trees,

are turning

glorious gold.

It snowed last night,

dusting the mountains with powder.

You can just see Jim here on the trail of gold!

Soon the larches will drop their needles and winter will arrive.

I have been surprised by wifi reception, but tomorrow we head further north and should head out of range.

Cheers to you from Alberta in the fall~

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