The Scone of Stone


Again, I almost missed International Scone Week, and if not for lovely Carol of Retired? No one told me! I would not have known. Thank you, Carol, for keeping me informed!

For reasons you already know, Beautiful People, this is yet another repeat.

The Scone of Stone was stolen! It was stolen from the most unexpected and the best guarded place, The Dwarf Bread Museum. Of course, dwarf breads were substantially different from our breads; that is, different in substance. In fact, they included gravel as one of the main ingredients. According to the late Sir Terry Pratchett, whose whimsical imagination gave birth to Discworld and everything in it, “they were probably as edible now as they were on the day they were baked. “Forged” was a better term. Dwarf bread was made as a meal of last resort and also as a weapon and a currency” (The…

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