Types of Laziness and How to Overcome

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We all know that feeling of not wanting to do anything or postponing a few somethings. It could be after a particularly busy period, deadlines, or stress. It’s alright for all of us to want those ‘relaxed’ moments.

Here are some types of laziness Andrew suggestions to overcome them

  1. Confusion – “I don’t know what to do.”
    – When this comes up it can feel overwhelming and you start to rationalise the shit out of it.
    – Self acclaimed perfectionists suffer from this a lot. You want a finished process or result but you stay there too scared to even start.
    – The trick is to get started and figure it out along the way. You learn from the mistakes as you grow.
  2. Neurotic Fear – “I just can’t.”
    – Once you listen to this voice, you would rather do anything than the task in front of you. Instead of…

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