Persona Cracked: Max Booth III

The La-La Lander

Persona Cracked is a series that explores the intersection of artists, their work, and social media. My next guest, Max Booth III, lives in San Antonio and is an author, screenwriter, and publisher known mostly for his contributions to the horror genre. His latest novel, Maggots Screaming!, is set for release in April.

Who is Max Booth I and II, and how do you compare to them?

My grandfather died before I was born. I’m told he was a scientist, and may have been on the team that invented fake leather. He drank himself to death. I am neither a scientist nor an alcoholic. I am also currently alive. So I guess we are pretty different in that regard.

My father worked at a steel mill for forty-ish years. The longest I’ve held a job was eight years, and that was at a hotel. The longest I’ve held…

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