Longan Soup: It’s Love!


Once upon the time, there was a princess who suffered from misandry – fear and hatred of men. She had a good reason for it, too. Let’s hear it from her:

That was an inimitable duet of Eva Marton and Placido Domingo at the Metropolitan Opera.

Princess Turandot was originally written by Carlo Gozzi as Russian, then she seemed to have relocated to Persia (her name means ‘Daughter of Turan,’ which was a part of Persian Empire at some point), and finally landed in Giacomo Puccini’s famous opera as Chinese. She was still the same character, a great beauty with a heart of ice, bent on revenge. Any suitor, smitten by her beauty, had to solve three riddles offered by the cruel maiden, or lose his head. As you would imagine, Beautiful People, to move the story along, there was no shortage of suitors to keep the executioner busy.


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