Roberta Writes – Divine Comedy, Inferno: Canto 14

In order to understand Canto 14, you need to remember the detail of Canto 13 which I wrote about here:

Virgil gathers up the leaves that were torn off the tree damaged during the hunt in Canto 13, and returns them to the shade trapped inside. He then follows Virgin towards the third ring of the seventh circle of Hell.

The two poets come out of the forest into a desert where they see groups of naked shades either wandering about, squatting, or lying on their backs. The prostrate shades are screaming the loudest. These shades were previously blasphemers or those “violent against God” and are condemned to walk, squat, or lie on a plain of burning sand while fire rains down upon them.

Picture caption:

Dante sees a gigantic man lying in the sand ignoring the fire flakes as if they do not hurt him. The man…

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