Roberta Writes – A Ghost and His Gold: Boer War photographs and a review

While on our recent road trip, my family visited the Boer Wars Museum in Bloemfontein. A fascinating museum, it had a lot of artifacts that featured in my book about the Second Anglo Boer War, A Ghost and His Gold. I thought I would share a few of my photographs and a short extract to go with each of them.

I was also delighted to discover a wonderful review of A Ghost and His Gold on author, H.R.R. Gorman’s blog. You can read it here:

“Estelle climbs up and takes her place as the driver. From his position on his horse next to the wagon, Pieter sees Marta’s annoyed glare. He knows Marta does not approve of Estelle sitting in the open on the wooden chest, driving the wagon.

Marta’s just being narrow minded. We have no sons and Estelle is capable and willing. She is good at driving…

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