Rest in Power Betty. ♥️

The Sanguine Woods

I just know that Betty and Lucy are laughing it up up there…

Lucy: What took you so long kid?
Betty: I was doing another show!
Lucy: And you were wonderful in it. Now, here’s your wings.
Betty: In St. Olaf, you know, there was a little girl who really was born with wings.
Blanche: Oh, come on now. A little girl with real wings?
Betty: And one day, she was crossing the street and got hit by a bus! The whole town came out to the funeral. Everyone was wearing a pair of wings. (Giggles) you know, to honor her.
Sophia: In Sicily, you can’t walk across the street without getting pregnant!
Dorothy: Ma!
Sophia: Its the god honest truth. How do you think you got here?
Betty: Dorothy was born while you were crossing the street in Sicily?
Lucy to Betty: Come on, Kid. I’ll show you…

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