‘Is This Who We Are?’ — Follow-Up

Filosofa's Word

What follows is a rant … proceed with caution.

Just over a week ago, 20 November, I published a post titled Is This Who We Are? , in which I related a story of a dedicated healthcare worker in Missouri who had been threatened and harassed for her role in trying to ensure the safety of the people in her area during this pandemic, thus she was resigning her position.  The post, oddly, proved somewhat controversial with some readers essentially shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Oh well … live and let live.”

One comment on that post that came in a few days later, however, broke my heart and for a week now it has weighed on my mind.  This reader is a blogging friend whom I have never met and likely never will, but over the course of the last several years, we have communicated and bonded through…

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