The Nanny

ghosts in the burbs

“I Googled you.”

It took me a moment to process the words. I’d been deep into editing the book. That book. The one that I’ve been working on forever. The one I am so so very hopeful will reach you all wrapped up in a pretty hardcover package someday.

I’d been reworking a conversation between two characters, trying to make it read like a realistic discussion about incredibly unrealistic events so it took a beat to leave that conversation and actually see the young woman before me.

I pushed my cheaters up and smiled at her. “Oh?”

“I wasn’t trying to stalk you, but you said you were a writer? I write too.”

“Cool. What kind of writing do you do?” I asked, filled with that particular sense of loss I get when I am pulled out of my make believe world into the present.

“I’m just a freelancer…

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