Indie Press Call For Submissions

Joseph D. Newcomer

If you have a blog, chances are, you’re a writer. We need writers. Please review the Dead Star Press submissions information and send us your weirdest writing.


The querying and submissions process is demeaning and generally preposterous. Even using the word “Submit” is a little nauseating. “SUBMIT TO US!” It’s kind of gross, right? We are not interested in anyone kissing anyone’s ass. We just want to read your work. Email your manuscript and any information you’d like us to know about it. If you’d like to include a synopsis, traditional query letter, and a short bio as well, we won’t stop you, but don’t stress about any of that. We only care about your work.

Send your manuscript as a Word attachment or in the body of an email to If we think what you wrote fits with us, and…

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