Significant to Me.


Each one of us has songs that are significant to us for one reason or another and that when played can transport us to the where and when they first wove their magic or recorded the tragic. If you know exactly what I’m talking about it would be great to know what music does this for you whether or not you want to share the reasons why. This first one is from 1994 and is a classic track from the Stax label.

William Bell and Judy Clay. Private Number.

From 1971 we see what might have been the start of my Reggae period because of the wording of this particular song.

Greyhound Black and White

On the same lines, from 1972 a giant of the Reggae scene who unfortunately passed away in 2020. Amazingly, Nash was born in Texas and started his life singing in a Baptist choir. Jamaica’s loss…

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