Yorkshire weather…

France & Vincent

snow weekend 097

Saturday dawned bright and sunny; a promising start to the day. Of course, we had no idea quite what it promised as we headed out to the post office, but the hills are a mere ten minutes away and that is always a good place to start. My companion got back in the car after posting the proof copy of the new book to the mysterious Charles James Fox and we set off up the long hill towards the moors.

snow weekend 013

“It’s raining.” There was a vague accusation in his tone.
“No, that stuff’s solid,” I replied, watching the tiny pellets of ice bounce off the windscreen and get increasingly bigger and whiter. From sunshine to blizzard in minutes… we could barely see the road ahead let alone the hills as the landscape opened around us. We were nearing the top, about a thousand feet up when we came to a…

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