Déjà vu?

France & Vincent

williamson fin cop monsal dale churches 077

We had been here before. There was both a sense of continuity and unreality as we stood looking out over the valley. No, I am not describing some mystical experience. We’d been here the day before… and on a couple of other occasions… and still we hadn’t even come close to seeing the sites we were looking for. This time we were trying yet another way into the valley, following the steep descent of a woodland path whose unprotected edge drops through the trees and down to the river. We wanted to reach the limestone outcrop that looks so much like a castle from a distance and to which both legend and archaeology had drawn our attention.

hob's castle 2

We wrote of giants in Heart of Albion and saw how the myths of so many systems use them as a metaphor and how the memory of a race can compound history and…

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