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France & Vincent

harvest being 2014 009

In the few weeks since I had last driven north the countryside has changed. The harvest is in, fields are scattered with bales of hay and the leaves are beginning to turn quite visibly now. Splashes of scarlet and yellow, the first small drifts of fallen leaves and boughs heavy with berries and fruit signal the change in the year far better than any calendar. The sun, however, is shining and the sky a clear blue I hope bodes well for the weekend’s weather.

harvest being 2014 047I had driven up on Thursday to collect my companion for the School’s weekend in Ilkley. Of course, it is a long drive from here to where he lives and you need to stretch your legs…especially if they are as short as mine. So I pulled into the lane that leads to the church in the village of Kings Bromley. There is an ancient look to…

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