Betrayed by Anastasia Prot.Karamerou

Anastasia Protoclitou Karamerou



Anastasia (Sissy) Prot. Karamerou


T h e M a r r i a g e

It was the 10th of October 1987, when my cousin Jane was getting married. The preparations for the wedding had started long ago and I had participated in it!

The night … arrived and both, the bride and the groom were listening carefully to the “sacred” words of the Orthodox priest. The quests were attending the ceremony happily…When time came, me and some other single girls were passing through the people to offer them “rise and flowers” as the Greek tradition demands.

I was around 30 then, blond, not natural though, medium height, rather rounded… nicely rounded….but pretty. I was wearing my taffeta white night gown –my mum had sewed for me- leaving a bit of the front of my bust free in a heart shape, with pleaded short sleeves. A…

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