Devil’s Drop…

France & Vincent

“It doesn’t look much from a distance,” say I.
“Oh I don’t know,” says Ned, “but why the Devil’s Drop?”
“Well, it started out as Devil’s Rock because of a perceived likeness, in our minds at least, to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming,” says Wen.
“But of course it’s nowhere near as big as the Devil’s Tower,” say I.
“And the ‘EEEVIL’ bit?”
“Well, we had a bit of a… what shall we say, we had a bit of a strange experience up there when we tried to climb it, didn’t we Wen?”
This is an awful cop-out I know, but if truth be told there are two emotions at play here vying for precedence. The first is a feeling of foolishness because, from this distance at the side of the road, the ‘Drop’ looks like nothing more than a rather impressive and undoubtedly fascinating natural rock formation, whilst the second is…

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