Busting The Myths Of Mars And Venus (Down To Earth Book 1)

Isobel Blackthorn

Why is gender equality so hard to achieve? because it’s rigged!

Ten thousand years ago as agriculture replaced hunting- gathering, women’s status took a nose-dive around the world. Since then, no country on earth has yet achieved full equality of the sexes. Laws have changed in some coun- tries, but systems and many attitudes have not.

The system was rigged 10,000 years ago to ensure that men ruled the roost and women provided the backup ser- vices.

The system that perpetuates inequality still rolls on mostly unnoticed; in fact, it’s perceived as natural. Veronica Schwarz’s book, “Busting the Myths of Mars and Venus, Gender: Reality, Myth or Disaster, demonstrates how and why.

The key is gender stereotypes. Feminine and masculine. Female is a fact. Feminine is an act. Likewise, masculine is an act, a performance. The problem is not men, or women themselves, but a system that is…

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