Backstone Circle

France & Vincent

X ilkley weekend 075

…We had passed a point on the moors where my memory had to reach back, back… deep into childhood. I had not walked this part of the high moors for a very long time and I, of course, was the only one of us who knew the way. I was hoping to find the ‘lost’ Backstone circle. I could remember little except that there were hut circles, evidence of ancient settlement and a few carved stones close by, well hidden in the bracken and rushes, and a wall that cuts through the circle itself.

X ilkley weekend 073This place has an odd history; it is seldom mentioned on maps and even its status as a genuine stone circle is hotly debated. Opinions vary from it being a complete fake, to a rearrangement by the wall builders, to the remains of a double stone circle. Alignments, however, with other sites on the moor are…

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