Moors, music and mysteries

France & Vincent

Diana and co north 003

It was our last day in the north and the sun was shining. Stuart and I had breakfast in the park before collecting our friend, then the three of us set off to enjoy the morning, starting with the beauty of the high places we love. Not very far… just a few minutes’ drive… and you are out of the city. The moors wrap themselves around the road, putting the small lives of man into perspective. We drove past Barbrook, where a week before the rain and wind had pelted us in horizontal fury. But today the lady beside me had sunshine and we turned towards Curbar Edge.

Diana and co north 014It is a short walk to the edge of the moors, from here the wide valleys, walled fields and small villages are wreathed in hills and stone. From here the distance turns blue and mists the horizon. From here all you see…

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