Had we but world enough, and time…

France & Vincent

Diana and co north 008

There is a lot still to share from the past couple of weeks… Scotland, Lindisfarne, Yorkshire and Derbyshire… let alone the past few days in Buckinghamshire. But it isn’t about the landscape, or the history or the stones and flowers. It is about people.

diana nick ashridge 029The history books tell us stories, the land carries those tales in its very fabric; hewn stone, shaped earth, tended glades… from cathedral to cottage, palace to pub there is only really one story and that is the ever-unfolding tale of humankind. We may learn the dates and places, the great events of our collective past, but that is dry as dust until we can walk with the people who lived those lives. It might be a child’s toy in a museum that sparks that understanding, it might be a game carved in boredom during a Latin Mass into the pillars of an old church, or…

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