Driving north

France & Vincent

“Where’s Ani?” said my younger son, peering around the room suspiciously. Under normal circumstances, he would not have made it through the door without being leapt upon in ecstasy…

“She’s not home yet…”

“Doesn’t seem right… way too quiet….”

“…and tidy!” I add, indicating the cushions still in their proper place. My son grinned in acknowledgement. The small dog has a presence… and she is missed.

lincoln bakewell gt hucklow 003

However, it was undeniably nice to sit down and natter over a coffee for a little while without the sempiternal tennis ball. It has been a busy few days… but I am finally home, now with a grinning small dog in attendance. A leisurely drive north away from the motorways took me through some beautiful countryside on Thursday, stopping occasionally on the way. The land is wet, but very green and signs of spring are everywhere from the catkins to the crocuses, the daffodils…

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