Imagining reality

France & Vincent

hare 001

“A great, shimmering hall, roofed by the stars. The floor is chequerboard, black and white. In niches on the walls are statues of the Gods. There is a crowd around the room. They appear to be here to witness, but not partake. The meditation group find themselves arranged around a central table upon which stands a single candlestick. The candle flickers, there is a crash as the table overturns.  The crowd disperse…” Running Elk, Shamanic Paths

I met the Bear in an online esoteric forum some years ago, though at that time he looked more like Tigger. There was always the shadow of the Bear in the background somehow. I even drew a very wonky bear with him in mind, not knowing anything… and went on, all unknowing at that point, to draw many of the animals he had met in his shamanic journeys. The arrival in my inbox of…

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