One Friday in Heaven

France & Vincent

Imbolc 023


There was, I admit, a certain amount of truth to that text, bearing in mind that mine had simply said, “On Ilkley Moor….”

Nothing wrong with that….

Except it was late, it was dark… it was doing its best to snow… and I was alone. But honestly, I couldn’t resist. I know the paths like the back of my hand and it is a home that reaches deep into my soul.

It didn’t matter that I couldn’t see anything… I could feel it. I slept that night, deeply and happily for a little while, in the knowledge that I would wake to my moors… and I did, very early. And once more I was high on the top of the Cow and Calf in the dark, waiting for the sun to rise, long before the hotel was stirring for breakfast. There would be no glorious dawn. Mist lay heavily…

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