On the wild side of Sunday –a magical morning

France & Vincent

Picture 215 Saturday’s car chase hunting postmen and the night’s fire dance was going to be a hard act to follow, so Sunday decided it would pursue a more leisurely pace. Stuart approves of leisurely and is trying valiantly to introduce me to the concept. So we worked all morning…which may conjure visions of frantic activity, but which, in truth, consisted mainly of talking in some depth over coffee. Then we wandered out to visit a stone circle a short drive away from both his home and the pub where we planned to eat.

Picture 213 The conversation had been about the books. Book Two… Heart of Albion… is complete and in the final stages of editing, Book Three has been lurking on the edges of vision, biding its time like an expectant puppy. So it should have come as no surprise when,  finding ourselves stranded in a queue of traffic at the lights…

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