The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

Today, I feel like a light went out in the world and it became a little darker, a little dimmer. Yet, for all of that, the world has benefited from the kindness, unselfishness and wisdom of that little light and much of what she wrote, did, and dreamed remains with us, to find in books and blogs, paintings and poems. In time, I will write a more fitting tribute to my best friend, Sue Vincent. Today, I cannot because every time I try, I flood with tears. Her passing was expected but it still is a shock and an enormous hole in life suddenly.

I have known her for years. In fact, to be honest I cannot really recall when and how we first met. Sue, of course, would have been able to pinpoint the exact date and reason I am sure. It revolved around an esoteric bulletin board though…

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