Magical mists

France & Vincent

10 Blakey Topping (1)

Sunday morning the world was drenched. Over breakfast we watched the sun come out and the mists begin to rise. By the time we had checked out and hit the road, it was blazing and the sky was clear. We were determined to chase the elusive second hill.

I had stumbled upon it online but had no idea of its size or situation… only that it sat amid traces of ancient occupation, standing stones and the moors. We had all day, a map and only Thornborough henge left on our list. And the sun was shining.

10 Blakey Topping (35)

Except, as we approached the location, close by the Hole of Horcum, it wasn’t. The clouds came down, the mists closed in and visibility was reduced to mere yards. Undeterred we parked the car and set out in the amorphous morning.

There was no sign of anything other than the inside of a cloud…

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