Of Hills, history and The Hare

France & Vincent

5 Pickering (119)

The weekend, being a Bank Holiday was a ‘long’ weekend…and began a little early, with a run northwards on Thursday afternoon. I met my friend by turning into his street while he was crossing the road. Perfect timing. From there it seemed only logical to dump my bag and the car and head out on an unsuccessful quest for dinner before meeting up with a mutual friend I hadn’t seen in ages. The city is built as, I am informed, all the best ones are, on seven hills… and we seemed to be walking up them from the start. Which pretty much set the tone for the weekend.

The evening was a lovely one of non-stop conversation and a fair amount of laughter, seated around a tree outside a pub as the night drew in. We wandered back… I assume downhill, though that left much less of an impression than…

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