In the carnivals of Peloponnese

Eat Dessert First Greece

Our new article is dedicated to the Peloponnese, to its manners and customs related to the Triodion and Carnival, based on the Greek book Εδεσματολόγιον Πελοποννήσου by Efi Grigoriadou published by Savalas Publishers. From the various recipes in the book, we chose the traditional walnut pie with extra virgin olive oil.

We warmly thank Savalas Publishers for the series of books they sent us, which contain a lot of historical and folklore information, along with delicious recipes, such as the walnut pie with olive oil that we made.

From the rich content of the book we chose, since the Triodion begins, to dwell on the manners and customs related to Triodion and Carnival. This year’s Triodion begins on February 21, three weeks before Shrove Monday (Kathara Deytera), and the beginning of Lent. According to the Εδεσματολόγιον Πελοποννήσου Carnival means turning away from meat, and a preparation for man to experience…

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