Preorders: Slights by Kaaron Warren

IFWG Publishing Australia

Yesterday Book Riot posted a great article on The 20 Must-Read Horror Books You’ve Never Heard Of. We were VERY pleased to see two IFWG books in the listing: Andrew Cull’s Remains, and our forthcoming reprint of Kaaron Warren’s Slights.

Slights was Kaaron’s debut novel and has grown over the past ten-plus years into a cult-book. It is visceral and heavily character-driven. It holds no punches. IFWG was very happy to pick up the publishing rights to this novel (as well as other back catalogue books – more news on that soon), and it is our plan to release the ebook worldwide on the 15th November 2020, and the print version on the 8th February 2021.

We will update this posting with the new, fresh cover by Vince Haig, in coming days.

IFWG knows there’s a lot of readers out there who want a copy of Slights

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