Out of the Swells #9: The Lake House

ghosts in the burbs

“Now who in the hell is this handsome gentleman?”

I knelt down to greet a goofy dog with the most adorable snaggletoothed smile I’d ever seen.
“This is Silo,” Steve laughed. “We’re watching him while the Briley’s are on vacation.”

“Lucky,” I gushed. “What kind of dog is he?”

“Uh, I think she said he’s a bulldog lab mix?”

“I want one.”

“You have a problem,” Steve sat down in the Adirondack chair opposite mine. “How many do you have now anyway? Five?”

“No. Four and three of them are at death’s door. I don’t have a problem, I’m basically a saint.”

“Chris is the saint,” Steve laughed.

“No arguments there.” I gave Silo one more head scratch before sitting back in my own chair.

“Is it cool if we keep our masks on out here?” Steve asked.

“Of course.”

“Thanks, we’re doing our best to be careful when we…

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