Daniel Kemp



Nothing in life was, or will ever be, free.
Your freedom was lost for eternity.
Everyone pleads— “It was too late. It’s too little. We want more.
Our constitution allows us to start a war.”

Was it you who first held out your hand?
For the freedom that from your palm fell like sand.
Are you now waiting in line for the next free bus
With no feeling of being anxious?

The virus hits the poor more than the rich.
They can make money from your shite in the ditch.
I hear a ‘DEAL’ has been made for a vaccine.
So we’ll be saved if the price is right and we’re not mean.

There is no magic cure nor a paradise.
For your freedom comes with an ever-increasing price.
That price can never be paid,
No matter what freedom you demand on your crusade.

© 2020, Daniel Kemp All…

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