The Day Facebook and Instagram Erased #Sikh People

But I Smile Anyway...

I try not to be political on my blog, but the events of the last few days have made me think about staying quiet, when it is our voices that will help, not our silence.

So the two previous posts have been in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement that is in full flow.

During this time of unease for many in the Black community, and the extended #BAME community , as well as those not of colour, horrified by the events that took place with the murder of George Floyd, I remembered there was something else of huge importance, to me, as a Sikh, to recall.

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3 thoughts on “The Day Facebook and Instagram Erased #Sikh People

  1. After your visit to my post I was curious to know more about you. The headdress and the word ‘Sikhs’ peaked my interest. Yes we are discussing the #BLM in our club. I am just sick about it and pray that it is a turning point for the good of the country and globally. Working together is the key.

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