Coronavirus and Our NHS

Raggie Writes

I am Triggered. After watching Good Morning Britain with Matt Hancock today I find myself agreeing with Peirce Morgan (that alone shook me to my very core).

When you find yourself agreeing with Peirce Morgan, something must be seriously wrong.

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, there have been numerous stories about heroes within this tragedy. From volunteers going shopping for elderly neighbours who cannot leave their homes to the random acts of kindness that have been shown across the internet, such as the #caremongering movement in Canada. The disease is horrific, but it is showing us that we can all come together and help each other out when we need it, which is beautiful.

The main heroes throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, in the UK, are our NHS staff, who are risking their own lives daily to save others. Among the superstars of our NHS, is my mum. She…

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