Concerns Grow In US, As Early Tests Indicate The Coronavirus Cannot Be Shot

The Out And Abouter

img_3837As the number of people who have contracted the coronavirus continues to rise, the United States has had to face a brutal, albeit unsurprising, truth about this microscopic enemy: it can’t be shot.

“Sure, you could shoot everyone who tested positive,” says Alabama Governor Mike Hunt, “But as we know that many who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus are contagious before they present symptoms, if we just start firing away, all we’d have would be an abnormally high fatality rate and a lot of sick people. And we aren’t running a school here folks.”

That covid, hard reality comes as a blow in this country, where many believe that the answer to everything from home security, to “what makes a nice paperweight?” is a gun. 

“We’ve shot at hurricanes. We’ve shot at tornadoes. We’ve shot at people who said they don’t think we should shoot at things,” said…

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