Mitigation #CoronaVerses

But I Smile Anyway...

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The country's in a muddle We don't know what to do Can't even reach for a cuddle Or even a handshake, it's true The virus does its rounds Shutting businesses left right and centre People buying bog roll in mounds To ward away this tormentor Panic buying's not stopping And it's only getting worse People are over-shopping From a nearly empty purse A prisoner in self-isolation A cough or fever will render you Or a vulnerable citizen of the nation You need to be careful too Distance yourself, socially Work from home if you can But what about the effect, mentally On all every woman, child and man? Schools doors have shut To help halt the disease spread But it's left folk in a rut Parents are filled with dread What will happen to education How can we teach our kids? They think it's an extended vacation Meanwhile, we're losing…

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