“The Plague” by Albert Camus


11989._SY475_Author–      Albert Camus (French- Algerian)

Genre–       Philosophical Fiction

Award–      The Nobel Prize( 1957)

Albert Camus biography

Born in Algeria (1913), he studied philosophy at the University of Algiers. His father was killed in 1914 during WW 1 and he was reared by his deaf mother. He spent most of his childhood days in poverty, under the blistering African sun on the plains of the Mediterranean (The sun and the sea are major presences in most of his works).

Camus developed Tuberculosis during his University years and had to do multiple jobs to support himself. Around the same time, he joined the Communist Party and founded the Worker’s Theatre group for presenting plays for the working class Algerians. His early essays were collected in ‘The Wrong Side and Right Side and ‘Nuptials‘. These dealt with man and death…

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