Coronavirus Credited With Saving Thousands Of Lives After Gun Convention Cancelled

The Out And Abouter

img_3375-1 A man hellbent on exercising his right to open carry a firearm, was equanimous when he discovered he can’t do the same with a virus.

Experts in not-needlessly-dying say as many as 8,000 lives have been saved today by an unlikely source: the novel coronavirus. This, after America’s largest gun convention was cancelled over fears that people could die as a result of the gathering. Other than in sweeping storms of indiscriminate hot lead.

“It is with a heavy tactical vest that we have had to take the tough decision to call off this year’s edition of ViolenceCon,” said the convention’s organizer, Michael “Trig” Gurfing-Gurr.

“Yes, it’s a shame to have to cancel the world’s largest meeting of gun aficionados. But in this one, extremely specific instance, we have to put safety first.”

The organizer went on to say that the sponsors of ViolenceCon simply didn’t want anyone getting hurt in…

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