My Return

Daniel Kemp

I have been in hospital again, this time for the last ten days or so. I caught sepsis after a catheter I was required to use was changed fourteen days on from a kidney operation dated 2nd January 2020. The strain of sepsis I had changed as it became used to the antibiotics I was given intravenously necessitating several different attempts at getting rid of it. The last three days blood samples have been clear of the infection.

Today I was sent home, but on a course of antibiotics for the urine infection, I now suffer from. At least this medication can be taken with water.  I am due back into the same hospital next Wednesday (that’s the plan) to have the stent and catheter removed—at long last.

This is purely coincidental but I have a novel on a free offer from today until 17/02/20

This is not a Cozy…

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