book: The Memory Police (1994; trans 2019 Stephen Snyder) by Yoko Ogawa



I checked just now and discovered it was a couple of years ago that I read Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and the Professor, something that surprised me because the novel is still so fresh in my mind that I could have sworn I’d read it more recently. True, in the interim (this past Christmas Day, in fact) I’ve watched the marvelous movie that was made from that novel, Hakase no Aishita Sûshiki (2006; vt The Professor and his Beloved Equation); just a couple of days ago my wife remarked to me that it was her favorite of all the movies she’d seen last year.

In short, I loved The Housekeeper and the Professor so much that I was actually a bit nervous about starting The Memory Police in case I was setting myself up for a major disappointment.

I needn’t have worried. If anything

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