Autopsy (2009)


US / 9 minutes / color / Rosewood Films Dir & Scr: Kevin Rice Pr: Debbie Rice Story: “Autopsy Room Four” (1997 Six Stories) by Stephen King Cine: George Tripsas Cast: Kayla Nash, Bryan Gay, Stephen McDougald, George Tripsas, Kevin Foux

One of author Stephen King’s Dollar Babies (whereby the writer sells nonexclusive screen rights to student/amateur moviemakers for a dollar), Autopsy has a sort of 8mm home movie feel to it. Alas, I wouldn’t describe it as essential viewing.

Golfer Howard (McDougald) goes into the rough in search of a lost ball and is bitten by a venomous snake. Luckily the two golfers behind him on the course realize what’s going on, and he’s rescued.

Kayla Nash as Katy

Or at least his body is.

Cut (geddit?) to the mortuary. Midway through a radio report that

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