The Absence Of Light…

A Fine Balance

The table lamps stood at an awkward angle to each other and together with the paraphernalia — the books that he had read, the book he was currently reading, the book he had decided never to flip any more page of, the kindle, the empty pen stand, a Rubik’s cube that had jammed for not having been used for long, and four perfectly synced wrist-watches — gave the table a disheveled appearance. He unstrapped the watch he was wearing and added it to the collection. He, then, turned the power on, and the entire room illuminated. A few cockroaches, a spider, and a few other insects which he didn’t know by their names scampered off. Where has been living? Were these insects still there when he had last locked the house, a few weeks back when had left for his hometown and thereafter to a vacation with his friends. It…

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