Auntie Pru

Daniel Kemp

Mum was in the kitchen,
Dad was on the loo.
Jimmy was in the hallway,
He was kissing auntie Pru.

The dog was in the bathtub,
The cat was climbing a rope.
The canary was screaming blue murder,
As the dog hit the cat with a bar of soap!

The cat dived into the water.
The dog jumped onto the loo.
Dad ran into the hallway
And hit Jimmy with his shoe.

Mum grabbed her sister by the collar,
‘Leave my son alone,’ she yelled.
The cat ran down the stairs dripping water.
As mum opened the door and Pru was expelled.

The dog made his way into the kitchen,
Where the cat lay damp but at peace.
Jimmy was the centre of mum’s attention,
But there was a knock on the door from her niece!

Pru’s daughter had come to avenge her mother
Who she thought had been insulted…

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